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I am still on my 30-day water challenge. Did you read my post on the water challenge? If not, go read it now 🙂 I’ll be waiting. {p.s. The post will open on a fresh page :)}

Although the first week was quite easy, it’s getting harder day by day. I think it’s due to lack of motivation and also because of the cold climate. It’s raining cats and dogs.

I LOVE rain.. Don’t you?

So I thought, because of my fall backs with my 30-day water challenge, that I should dry something short term. So here comes my first Weight loss challenge…



I stopped eating sweets when I started my healthy eating journey. But recently (maybe because my dietitian changed my diet so that I could have 2 tsp of sugar per day) I am craving for more and more sweets. I try avoiding them as much as possible. But that vision of a gooey piece of chocolate cake, is clinged to my mind, like a pirates hook! LOL

It’s hard avoiding sweets, as someone who literally lived on sweets. But I see MANY girls, who made huge sacrifices for a healthy life. So I thought, why can’t I? This week, I’ll try hard to take away the sugar cravings from my life.

Every one knows how good fruits are right? I find it hard to eat fruits. There are these times in my life, that I really wanna eat fruits. But now, I am going through a phase of NO fruits. So I will try adding one fruit a day, to make my body get used to it. Then we’ll see how far I can go.. But for now, it’ll be atleast one fruit per-day.

I can’t remember when I last ate A chocolate. But I’ve been adding a lot of cocoa powder in my life. And it makes me crave more and more chocolate. And I thought of getting rid of that 🙂

My mom cooks breakfast and lunch for me. Dinner and snacks? They are left-out for me. When I first started eating healthy I loved the idea of cooking my own food. But now, I HATE it. Like, it takes lots of time. That’s why I always end up eating oily-restaurant food.

I came up with a solution. I will make my meals earlier, so that I don’t feel bored and binge on.

So this week will be filled with covering my challenges AND studying.. Exams are coming up!

Oh, and Zumba. I hope to start Zumba soon. But I never do. When it comes to exercising everday is an ‘I’ll do it tomorrow” day for me. So I will start Zumba this week? Hopefully..

What are the challenges you face when losing weight? Cooking? Meal planning? Exercising? Cravings? Share with me.. I’d love to hear 🙂

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